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Hi, we are Imagine!

Transforming things and spaces into something beautiful and magical has always been a passion of mine as well as spending time with close friends and loved ones. For me, finding a place to come together with those I love the most in a hidden pocket of a vibrant city with a scenic lookout, warms the soul and rejuvenates the mind. While on a trip to New York, I visited the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park with my sister and despite the hustle and bustle of the city, we found ourselves in a little tucked away corner, suddenly at peace. It felt amazing. I really like to encourage people to come together and enjoy time with each other. This is the most important thing for me in life, creating beautiful memories that last forever.


One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

I love to look for life and magic in things other people consider worn out or broken. In a world flooded with plastic, I seek to revitalize old wooden items, respecting their natural characteristics and qualities. I started painting and transforming these pieces to give them a second life. I would give them to my closest family and friends, who gave me so many wonderful compliments. I currently use many of these recycled items for creating beautiful picnics set ups and the result is always stunning.


I always see life and magic on things that others consider old or trash, and this is how I started painting and transforming anything made of wood and bringing it back to life. Then, I had so many wonderful and positive comments, and I started gifting my creations to my closest family and friends, who just couldn't wait to see the next piece!And this is how slowly "IMAGE HAMPERS AND GOOD VIBES" came to life.

A way to gives importance to wood-made elements in a world flooded by plastic, wanting to create something that is not only a physical 'thing' but also would make you feel peace and loved.

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